Sera Ryder

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Sera Ryder

Name: Sera Ryder
Dob: 2001-01-04
Height: 5'1" (or 154 cm)
Weight: 95 lbs (or 43 kg)
Measurements: 2001-01-04
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: White
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Charlotte
State: North Carolina

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Some hotties are average, let’s be honest. After all, it’s not that difficult to start playing in sex clips. The only thing you need is a pair of tits and a pussy. Thus, there are plenty of girls who know nothing about what they are doing. They simply show their crouch to the client and wait for the jackhammering. Christ, it should be banned. Especially nowadays, when people have such quick and easy access to perfect bukkake VR porn. We don’t even know how to utter it well enough. If you have an opportunity to relish them, why wouldn’t you do that? It’s like having the gates of Eden opened in front of you and hesitating. Guys, come on. You are in an even better situation than that. How? Because the angel is waiting for you next to the gates, showing her beautiful feet to make you realise what’s waiting for you inside. That’s right, you know who we are talking about.

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You might be deflated after you spend a longer while with this hottie. No, not because she will let you down. Bro, that is absolutely out of the question. This hottie is known for satisfying her clients beyond imaginable limits. So, what will happen? She will exhaust you by making you massage her all the time. To be completely honest, if there is one thing Sera Ryder desperately needs, it is a good masseur. This hottie used to train soccer - it explains her stunning silhouette. This sport in particular has been everything to her (except for creating cum VR porn videos, of course). If you have ever played it, you know how injurious it can get. All these people running around all the time, kicking each other. It might be the main reason she gave it up eventually. She wanted to save her spectacular legs for later...

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We hope it won’t be presumptuous if we tell you that Sera is really horny in her clips. As a matter of fact, before she enters a shooting set, she restrains herself from sex for a week or two. Why is that? There is one reason. As soon as she gets in front of the camera, she wants to be as turned on as if she hasn’t seen a cock in her life before. She wants to make you slobber at her view in blowjobs VR porn videos when she’s pleasing your piece of equipment with the utmost attention. Once she lands her hands on it, she will keep licking, moaning, choking and massaging it. Nothing will be able to stop her from that, trust us. Are you worked up about it? You should be, due to the fact that the quickie you are about to get here will be extraordinary. And as soon as she finished showing off her oral tricks, the time will come for something slightly different...

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If Sarah beckons you to come closer, you should not be afraid. There is no point in that. She won’t bite you, after all (unless you ask her kindly for that, of course). No. What she will do, though, will result to be more pleasurable to you than anything you have experienced so far. A footjob. As an ex-soccer, she can work wonders with her feet, you can take it for read. When you are one on one with her in facesitting VR porn videos, you won’t have a single second to take a deep breath, not to mention taking a nap or something of this sort. No, you will be her new toy, obedient to every single word your mistress says. Sera Ryder is like a goddess of sex - she wields her power absolutely, not allowing a single man to draw back. Once you come close to her, there will be no going back. So better get ready for a longer session.

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Whatever predicament you have found yourself in, you can easily leave it with the help of Sera. Such babes have a marvellous talent for helping guys in trouble. A few minutes (sometimes even a few seconds) in homemade VR porn suffices for solving the problem, no matter how complex it seems at a very first glance. Further to that, you can expect major improvements in the feeling of well-being and general, overall life satisfaction. Just being surrounded by such scintillating her is more than enough to change lives for the better. Besides her exceptional body, it might be caused by Sera’s vast knowledge of various aspects of life. She’s a real expert when it comes to nutrition, sports and studying. You couldn’t have found yourself in better hands.

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Well, even though it can baffle you at first that porn might so considerably improve the quality of your life, the facts are the facts, you can’t fight them. You can have an inkling of the cause once you try them out. Allowing your body to immerse itself in the reality (especially the one provided in 8K VR porn videos) will make you realise how beautiful the reality might be. When you get rid of all the concerns, doubts and judging, you are left with the absolute beauty of life. You can find watching a growing plant to be a truly exhilarating experience, not to mention female pov VR porn scenes. The key is to let yourself be, here and now. Needless to say, the company of Sera Ryder will serve you as an exquisite help with that.


Sera Ryder - VR Porn Videos
Sera Ryder
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