Lana Smalls

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Lana Smalls

Name: Lana Smalls
Dob: 2000-12-29
Height: 5'4" (or 162 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (or 45 kg)
Measurements: 2000-12-29
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: White
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Hartland
State: Vermont

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If that’s the first time you stumble upon this babe... Ouuu boy, you’ve been missing out on a lot! Trust us, this hottie is the quintessence of what we call „kinkiness”. She likes it dirty and naughty. Her devilish smile perfectly foreshadows what is waiting for you in her Amateur VR porn. She won’t let you go without a deep, deep massage first. Lana wants to feel your hands massaging her lovely feet with real passion, preferably - even devotion. She’s hungry for horny men who would serve her. Is she into femdom VR porn? Perhaps. Well, we are not the ones to tell you that. You should simply take a deep look into her eyes and watch the blazing fire inside them. We are more than certain that it will give you the answer to all the questions that have already crossed your horny mind.

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Why would anyone try to dissemble the truth? Let’s state it out loud. This hottie was created to be banged and bang the others. She’s an incarnation of sex and erotism. Once Lana enters the room, you can sense the immediate change in the ambient. It becomes vibrant, and dense. As if something was about to happen. In fact, something always does... it’s easy to predict what exactly. In the end, she creates her chubby VR porn videos wherever she is. It doesn’t matter whether she went to gym, to school or to yoga classes. The result is always the same. Wherever she appears, you can count on intense cum in mouth VR porn experience. Yes, it is predictable. Yet, it doesn’t mean it’s less pleasurable in any way. No, no, no. Of course not. The fact that you can guess what will happen doesn’t mean at all you won’t have fun. If you don’t believe that, why don’t you check it out on your own?

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Let’s face it - as soon as you see Lana, your piece of equipment won’t have a single second of rest. Leisure time? Well, not with her. Sure, from time to time, it’s more than fine to have it. But, as we have said - from time to time. With Lana, though, your cock is destined for something much greater than merely resting. It will serve her in the nude VR porn videos that you can see on Footsiebay. And boy, mark our words - although the effort will be enormous, you will keep coming for more. It is exactly like sports - even though they cost you a lot of energy, you keep craving more and more of it. Eventually, you even get addicted. It’s all because of these endorphins and dopamine... Whatever it is, though, the joi VR porn videos featuring Lana Smalls work the same way. That said, they will work wonders on your body. Dreaming about becoming Superman? Here you go. You will be taken aback by the influence the scenes with this sexy kitten can have on you.

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Finding it hard to believe? Well, then just take a look at yourself. After having this babe, are you in the mood for doing anything detrimental to other people? Do you feel greed, a desire to wield power over others or a compulsive need for domination? No, of course not. You are mild, cheerful and filled with positive energy. You want to create, not to destroy. That’s precisely how her PAGW VR porn videos work. Especially, when you are after a tough day. The boss screamed at you, your colleagues were rude - you simply put on your virtual reality headset, invite our lovely Lana Smalls to your room and that’s it! Problem solved.

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You don’t have to have a PhD in philosophy or rocket science in order to understand that someone in front of you is incredibly hot. Such creatures were created by god to share with humanity everything that is good and noble. No wonder Lana eventually found herself playing in sexbabes VR videos. To tell you the truth, there is no better place for creating value for this planet than sites like Footsiebay or Swallowbay. When you are into being a good person, you simply have to find them eventually. These girls are like with angels - except for their dirty thoughts. In fact, their minds are filled with them. There are days when they are so horny they can’t think about anything else than to fuck someone. Will you help them?

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Among the philosophers and, generally, great thinkers there has always been a bone of contention - should one spend entire days banging girls like Lana Smalls in furry VR porn or not? In full disclosure, it is not so easy to answer. In fact - not at all. Many people jumped out of their skin in order to have at least an inkling of what they were supposed to do with their lives. Are they serving society that way well enough? Guys, perhaps we are not philosophers or people qualified well enough to give utterances on such crucial topics but still, hear us out. In our humble opinion, nothing bad can happen if you spend an evening (or two (or even more than two...)) taking delight in homemade VR porn videos with Lana. They are too beautiful to cause you any harm


Lana Smalls - VR Porn Videos
Lana Smalls
Models: Lana Smalls
Date: 14th Jul 2023
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