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Kitana Montana

Name: Kitana Montana
Dob: 1993-01-14
Height: 5'2" (or 157 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (or 45 kg)
Measurements: 1993-01-14
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Ethnicity: Latino
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
State: Netherlands

Big tits, big ego, big feet - that’s everything you need to know about Kitana Montana VR porn videos

Some girls are shy. This one - no, you can forget about that. She’s more of a dominant type - whenever Kitana tells you something should be done, it must be obeyed. Otherwise... well, there is no „otherwise”. In her femdom VR porn videos everything goes as she planned it. So, better be a good boy. Especially, since this kitten hates disobedience. Sometimes she uses the cruellest among the punishments - ban on her feet. No touching, no smelling, no licking. Yes, we know. It seems to be inhuman. As we’ve already said - you better don’t make her angry. It’s one of the worst ideas that might come to your head when you are one on one with this sexy creature. Better don’t take the risk - in the end, the wonderful evening together is at stake.

When you are in Kitana Montana VR porn videos, even one small error might cause you dearly

Discipline, that’s what Kitana loves. No wonder, especially when you know her past. To tell you the truth, both of her parents were soldiers. You can’t get a tougher upbringing than that, trust us. She had to wake up each day at a specific moment, immediately make her bed, and so on and so forth. Everything had to be planned beforehand. Hence, it shouldn’t surprise any of you that right now she’s one of the major players in the business of foot 8k VR porn videos. That’s because once you watch one of her clips, you are doomed to do it forever after. Okay, sorry. ‘doomed’ is not adequate at all in this situation. Rather: you are blessed. Now, much better. That’s because this hottie is known for wrapping men around her precious fingers as if they were some kind of a rope. It’s even easier than that. Try and witness that with your own eyes.

Keep learning! Reading the story of Kitana Montana VR porn videos should be in the textbooks at the university

It’s not easy to gain worldwide acclaim, you know? Even with the body of this gorge, it’s not a piece of cake. Although she was born in Amsterdam which is the European centre of debauchery, as all of you probably realize, the beginning was tough. Why? Due to all the competitors, she had. Wherever you went, you would find dozens of girls craving to give you a bj. For a young, ambitious girl it seemed to be a nightmare. Even though Kitana already knew that her future is going to be closely connected with anal VR porn, she didn’t know how to start. Sucking off random dudes from the streets like most of her colleagues? It was out of the question. Kitana Montana didn’t feel like doing it at all. Therefore, she needed to figure out another method. Needless to say, she succeeded.

Everything has to do with zebras. Yes, Kitana Montana VR porn videos wouldn’t have been created without them

Zebras??? Right, zebras. Kitana didn’t have any other idea of how to distinguish herself from the crowd. People were looking solely at their phones and prostitutes. She had to, one way or another, drag their attention. The plan was risky. Still, you should already know that whenever it comes to big tit MILF VR porn videos Kitana is afraid of nothing. She went to the zoo, put a saddle on a zebra, took off her clothes and paraded through the city. You should have seen that! The tourists were speechless, unable to make a single comment. The spectacle was truly spellbinding. She would smile at everyone, touching her titties and screaming „I LOVE FUCKING!”. Do we need to add that after this incident she gained herself a reputation in the entire Europe? You know how viral works. And Kitana knows it even better.

Animals are the main motive of Kitana Montana VR porn videos. Or at least they were in the past

The parade on zebra was only the beginning. To tell you the truth, she made a tradition of that. Each year, on the same they, she would sneak into the zoo, take an animal (giraffes were her favourite - she regarded the only species worthy of being under her (except for humans, of course - in our facesitting VR porn videos you can be under her for as long as you wish, it’s up to you)). On that day millions of people would gather in front of the screen to behold this peculiar spectacle - a striking hottie riding a giraffe in the middle of the city buzzing with tourists. To tell you the truth, it was a feast for the eyes. If you wonder why Amsterdam became such a hot tourist destination all of a sudden, you’ve got the answer.

Amsterdam? No, US was indispensable for producing Kitana Montana VR porn videos. Europe wasn’t enough

All of you should realize that if someone is aiming for greatness, he should head straight to the United States of America. Only there do you have real opportunities to grow. The Old World with all its constraints and limitations doesn’t provide the best conditions for thriving big booty VR porn. On the contrary, the US does. That’s the cause of Kitana’s move. Even all that fame she gained in Europe wasn’t enough for her. She needed more, and „more” is the hallmark of the US. More food, more money, more fame, more everything. Just the idea thrilled her, not to mention the rest. Now, she’s here, sharing with the world the best joi VR porn videos anyone could wish for. Thanks to Kitana Montana your days won’t know boredom anymore. Do you like being driven by insatiable desire? That’s what will happen once you give a shot to this hottie. Her perfect booty, beefy lips, and stunning feet - these are the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate. So?


kitana montana - VR Porn Videos
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