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Kenna James

Name: Kenna James
Aka: Keena James / Kenna
Dob: 1995-01-16
Height: 5'8" (or 172 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs (or 54 kg)
Measurements: 1995-01-16
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: White
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Evansville
State: Indiana

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Curiosity killed a cat? Bullshit. Come on, guys, don’t give a shit about nonsense of this sort. Especially, when you feel deep inside you a major craving for finding out more about your favourite hottie. Yet, it won’t be that easy. In full honesty, Kenna James is a quite mysterious chick. She doesn’t like sharing with other people too much about her talents, training and other stuff of this sort. Perhaps she’s afraid that someone would replicate her blonde VR porn videos? Even if the answer is confirming, it’s naive from her side. No one, let us repeat - no one on this planet can replicate her scenes. They are unsurpassed in their artistic verve and originality. Kenna loves surprising people, giving them a show they never expected. With a hottie like her, you can never be sure of what’s coming next. She will keep it secret until the end of your meeting.

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Pursuing career? Having a family? Building a house? Guys, who told you it’s worth going after? Honestly, do you really consider it to be worth your time? What if, instead, you spent your spare time solely on watching bukkake VR porn videos featuring our lovely Kenna James? Wouldn’t that be better? Tranquilo, no need to answer. As always with such cases, it was chiefly a rhetorical question. Even though at a very first glance this chick might be deemed inconspicuous, by some even unassuming, she will astound you greatly in each of the deepthroat VR porn videos you will see here. She can always strike the right note, making you feel as if you were the god. As a matter of fact, whenever you are with her tete-a-tete - it’s impossible to feel any different way. Still, you will get accustomed, it’s indisputable. And, to tell you the truth, not that hard, you will see. Just enjoy yourself.

The time has come to talk for a while about the past of Kenna James VR porn videos. We’ve got a warning, though - it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster

No need to hide the facts - Kenna was a troublesome teenager. Even though today she seems to be an impressively educated and young sweetheart, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, not at all. People who knew her back then said she would spend her pastime pleasing strangers from the street, both with her feet and mouth. That’s how she spent breaks during the classes. A quick bj before the math was her favourite way for beginning the day. Not everyone seemed to like her female pov VR porn aptitudes, especially her parents. Even more - they were against it. As soon as they found out about the way their daughter spends her free time, they felt the urge to act. That was the moment when Kenna’s adventure with community music therapy began.

Music? Kenna James VR porn videos were deeply influenced by it, no doubt

You can’t undermine its influence on Kenna. Even though it didn’t curb her interest in pleasing men (as you are about to find out soon), it was an important factor in the process of growing up. Creating music with other people on its own is great but becomes even better when you add some fucking to it. That’s precisely what our Kenna James did. She couldn’t hold herself back. Although she promised her parents to be an exemplary child, her desire for becoming a prominent naught VR porn videos artist turned out to be stronger. Much stronger, in fact. So, even though she attended the community music therapy session, she didn’t do it for music or to make her mind tranquil. On the contrary - she wanted to have as ardent experiences as she could get. So, after a while since she joined the group...

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Back to the story - these sessions became completely distinct after Kenna joined them. First, it was a place filled with calm. Relaxing guitar, singing together - by now you can imagine, by and large, how it looked like. Talking about feelings, existence, and so on. Nevertheless, after the appearance of Kenna James it was irreversibly changed. No more peaceful guitar - only hard rock. Singing? No, only high moans, crying for more. Without beating about the bush - it looked more like mature VR porn videos than group therapy. Still, no one knew about it, except for the members. And they were ensnared there. That’s how it looks - once you give a chance to this seemingly innocent sweetheart, you will never leave her. She can wrap men around her things as easily as if she was born precisely for doing that. Perhaps she was, who knows?

Attraction. That’s the main characteristic of Kenna James VR porn videos. Once you come here, no force in the universe will be able to drag you away

You need to allocate your energy wisely during the day. That’s because if you decide to start your day with this hottie, you will be doomed. No eating, no working, no going to the toilet. She will keep you in her realm, telling you to massage her glamorous feet. She loves compliments and that’s what you will be supposed to do. All femdom VR porn videos are like that; you will be solely allowed to say „yes mistress Kenna”, nothing more. Needless to say, you won’t get her consent to have a break. No, even if she gets bored with you, your only choice will be to wait patiently on your knees, dreaming about getting a footjob with her stunning feet. She knows that. That said, she will keep wiggling them, peeking at you with a smug smile. It goes without saying - after facesitting VR porn scenes with Kenna a single touch of your cock will be enough for you to cum. Feel free to do that.


Kenna James - VR Porn Videos
Kenna James
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