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Ember Snow

Name: Ember Snow
Aka: Ember Rose
Dob: 1991-02-27
Height: 4'11" (or 149 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (or 48 kg)
Measurements: 1991-02-27
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Other
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Riad
State: Saudi Arabia

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Is there anyone out there who has never heard about this sexy kitten? We bet there is not. After all - come on! If you grant yourself the title of „feet lover” you must know this babe. Only once she covers you with her stunning soles will you truly feel why life is worth living. Without our big booty VR porn this planet would suffer incredible loss. You can’t even imagine its scope. Now, let’s ask ourselves a question, shall we? Don’t you consider learning about her more a duty of major importance? Because we do. To anyone out there whose plan is solely to jerk off for a minute with your virtual reality headset and go back to life - you can’t imagine what you are missing out on. Stay with us, dear reader.

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It’s obvious to anyone who has ever been lucky enough to land his eyes on her singular body but Ember Snow is a huge fan of sports of any kind. Volleyball in particular. To tell you the truth, she has something with the balls. She loves touching them, hitting them and... licking, of course. Yet, keep calm. Only the last option is destined for yours. No hitting! In fact, once she gets closer to them... Ever heard of t-bagging? She’s open to anything. There are no boundaries Ember wouldn’t love to cross. To tell you the truth, defying conventions is what characterises her the most. It’s easily visible in each of her ASMR VR porn videos. But wait - weren’t we supposed to talk about sports? Sure. It’s so easy to stray from the subject...

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So, as we’ve already mentioned, she spent a lot of her time with balls. Volleyball was her favourite pastime. Especially the beach one. She would spend hours watching half-naked guys, fantasising about them. Well, needless to say - it was reciprocated. They couldn’t stop staring at her. No wonder she won every single time - instead of focusing on the lay they would rather fantasize about her big tit VR porn videos. It was irresistible, simply irresistible. Even the coach - people there were helpless. So, once Ember Snow reached the right age (at least one that she considered „right”) she immediately decided to make use of her outstanding body. Basically speaking, all the dudes were standing in the queue. And what queue! You should have seen that. People thought that on the beach there is some festival happening. When the news of the „availability” of Ember reached the local media people from all the cities around headed to that beach. There was no speaking of volleyball anymore.

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What’s particularly interesting in this hottie is her affection for... figures. Of course, she has many, many more passions... Yet, the fact is that geometry has a special place in her heart. When she was a child she would spend hours drawing circles, balls... Needless to say, she excelled at math. Mathematicians deemed her to be astoundingly talented, especially in the „practical” assignments. What did he mean by that? Well, that’s a secret (still, rather an open one, right?). Still, numbers weren’t really her thing. Neither was education. She attended high school for only one reason - boys. As a matter of fact, she had a hobby. She would sit in the corridor judging which one of them would be best for cum in mouth VR porn videos she would eventually create. It wasn’t a piece of cake, though. She was so horny that choosing only one seemed impossible. If she could, she would fuck all of them (and she eventually did - on the beach as you might have guessed).

Studying? Oh, please. What do you need that for? Thanks to Ember Snow VR porn videos you have to study no longer

Why? Before answering that specific question, allow us to answer the second one. Why do you spend your time studying in the first place? To build yourself a position in the world? Impress hotties? Understand the world better? Now, take a look at Ember Snow. Does any of the stuff we’ve just mentioned matter when you can spend your evening with her facesitting VR porn? Dude, you should have priorities. And, needless to say, Ember Snow should be enlisted as the first one. After all, depriving yourself of her is like depriving a plant of light or water. In a nutshell - without her, you would wither, sooner or later (but rather sooner, let’s face the reality). Is such affection an unhealthy one? Perhaps. Yet, how great it tastes... Would you really cut down on sweets due to the fear of tooth decay? Don’t be boring, that’s not what life is all about.

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When you spend a moment with yourself one on one, without anyone interrupting you - what do you think about it? Sense of existence, your friends or rather... Our girls? Well, it probably depends on whether you’ve already jerked off or not. Nonetheless, it won’t be relevant once you meet Ember Snow. The Latina VR porn videos she creates for you are spellbinding. You won’t understand what sex is about if you have never had it with Ember in virtual reality. The abilities she can show off on your shaft are indescribable. In order to understand some things you have to experience them first. That’s the case with Ember. Come and experience this hottie, at her best. Her feet are waiting for you, wiggling from impatience


Ember Snow - VR Porn Videos
Ember Snow
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