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Brenna McKenna

Name: Brenna McKenna
Aka: BrennvMcKennv
Dob: 1993-07-17
Height: 5'5" (or 165 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs (or 54 kg)
Measurements: 1993-07-17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: White
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Vineland
State: New Jersey

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We all know how great they are, of course. So, instead of concentrating our attention on their perfection, why don’t we start to talk right away about the causes of that? What exactly influenced the way female pov VR porn videos with Brenna became so popular? Everything has to do with her talent, of course. Yet, it’s not that obvious. It’s the easiest thing one can do to call someone „talented” and that’s it. Almost as if talented people were some different species who don’t need to work for their success. No, talent is only the beginning of a journey, a brief boost on one’s way. The most important aspect while creating deepthroat VR porn scenes is, first of all, dedication. A real one. Without procrastination, excuses and other stuff of this type. Brenna is one of these hotties who are no slouches when it comes to hard work. She knuckled down to it and started with a bang, leading the industry in the right direction.

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As always, there were many pivotal events that influenced the path that our cute Brenna eventually followed. Unlike other girls you can find on Footsiebay, Brenna, at least at first, didn’t have the slightest clue what to do with her life. Of course, she had some inklings. In the end, it’s hard not to notice when half of the high school is looking at you with hungry eyes. She’s so incredibly innocent - at first, she didn’t even know what was going on. She didn’t suspect at all that these guys were dreaming of having teen VR porn fun with her. She thought that perhaps they’d like to eat her lunch (she always made herself delicious food) or something like that. Little did she know about sex back then, as you might see. From what we know, she discovered what was going on with everyone during physical education. Once she wore top crop...

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So, once she wore top crop during physical education... She could fool herself no longer. What was happening was as apparent as anything can be. All the guys had a booner - literally every single one of them. Even the teacher. Eventually, the classes were called off due to „the inability of its participants to focus on the subject”. They couldn’t move, or run - not to mention jumping... Brenna McKenna was bewildered. She couldn’t have conceived of such a scenario. Yet, it was happening in front of her. Her peers implored her to share with them some of her foots VR porn scenes. Initially, she recoiled in disgust. Nonetheless, after spending a week at home, thinking days and nights, she made a decision. Hiding from the world her assets for a second longer was futile. It was high time she started changing this planet with her outstanding body.

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At a certain point, the entire high school had to be closed. As soon as Brenna McKenna arrived back at her school with a new, audacious outfit - no one thought about studying any longer. They couldn’t even dissemble how turned on they were. In fact, some guys suffered major losses - their trousers would simply tear apart once they found themselves in the vicinity of Brenna. People were traumatized by the fact how much they couldn’t control themselves. Even if you wanted, you wouldn’t have been able to think about anything except gangbang VR porn videos with Brenna. Compulsive thoughts were taking over, the classes were cancelled. People didn’t know what to do. Except for our chick. She knew how to take advantage of that. In fact, she understood it better than anyone in the building.

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What did she do? She would pick up the hottest guys from her high school, drag them to the toilet and show that dreams might actually come true. Even local casanovas were astounded by the vast array of choices our lovely Brenna McKenna offered. It wasn’t only a blowjob, hell no. Have you ever heard about footjobs? Just kidding, tranquilo. We are on Footsiebay, of course you did. Her big booty VR porn videos are legendary not without a reason. Although they are named this way, we know you expect something entirely different from them. Generally, every category on footsiebay has an ulterior meaning, we all know that. Whether it’s big tit, joi or something else - everyone knows you’ve come here for feet. We’ve got the good news - on our site, you will satiate your appetite for them.

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So, Brenna kept fucking, fucking and once again - fucking. Nothing could stop her. Especially, the lessons. Well, they were cancelled anywhere, you remember? So, there were no excuses for running away from what she loved the most. She decided to change her life and never look back. Needless to say, our cuckold VR porn videos are merely a side effect of that. She kept training her skills restlessly, without a moment to catch the breath (that’s what we call dedication!). Once every guy in a school was banged (the looks didn’t matter anymore, she simply wanted to satisfy her appetite for cocks) she decided to move on. No, not to the university. College wasn’t for her. She already knew that at a certain point dudes there would start to bore her. Brenna had to avoid that. So? PAGW VR porn videos were the only reasonable answer. And here she is


Brenna McKenna - VR Porn Videos
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