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Avery Black

Name: Avery Black
Dob: 1992-07-17
Height: 4'11" (or 149 cm)
Weight: 95 lbs (or 43 kg)
Measurements: 1992-07-17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Asian
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Los Angeles
State: California

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An old saying proves to be the case whenever you have an opportunity to try it out. „Asian hotties are the best”, that’s what it says. Avery Black proves that in a singular fashion. After all, can you conceive of a hottie who would create especially for you a better foot 8k VR porn? Because we can’t. No wonder, as there are no many girls who are capable of that. You would need to keep looking for them for long months. Possibly, without any satisfying results. Why would you lose your time in such a way when here, on Footsiebay, you have immediate access to such a bombshell? Do you have any argument for that? Of course not. None would make any sense and you know it.

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How is it useful? The answer is simple. Once you get to know this hottie better, you will be able to appreciate her charm even more. The merits of her scintillating character and her wit will help you to relish her foots VR porn scenes in a completely distinctive way. Other guys who know nought about it simply come here, jerk off looking at her stunning feet and go back to life. Sure, it’s fine. Or even more than merely „fun”. Still, we believe that such encounters can be even deeper and much more intense. The only thing you need to do is to spend your spare minute or delve into the story behind her facesitting VR porn videos, learning what shaped this sweetheart into the person we know today. We strongly believe that’s one of the most important things one can do in one’s life.

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Since the very beginning, she took great pleasure in watching banging people. Avery would spend entire nights listening to her parents in bed, dreaming about getting such experiences one day herself (as you can guess, she succeeded at that). In full honesty, it wasn’t too ambitious. With her stunning silhouette and singular boobies, this Asian chick was destined for great things in the industry. No one could deny her talent - as soon as she appeared in high school, every handsome guy was more than convinced that she excelled at naught VR porn tricks. Instead of studying for the exams, Avery Black would spend every break in the toilet, scoring with another guy. During the lessons - she would keep smiling at her „guy of the day”, as she used to say, winking at him with a smug expression on her face. No wonder the entire class would fail the exams. They were way too busy keeping their arousal away from the eyes of a teacher than on the actual memorising of stuff.

School is a formative period for all of us. It applies especially to Avery Black VR porn videos

Perhaps she’s not a nerd, right, but still no one can deny the fact that her grades were extraordinary. She’s not a genius either. You probably already know the secret behind this phenomenon but allow us to let you on it. So, the thing is that instead of studying for the exams Avery Black would spend her spare time practising joi VR porn videos with her busy teachers. That’s a common motive in the cases of yet-to-be xxx VR actresses, you know. What’s new and refreshing about Avery Black though is her story with the surfing club. As she attended the school on the coast, the students established for themselves a private, elite surfing club. Even though Avery hated water, she joined immediately. Why?

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It’s, of course, because you will encounter major difficulties finding a girl who would practise blowjobs so much as our lovely Avery. As soon as she joined the club, the real debauchery began. Although she didn’t touch a surfboard even once, she was the most important member of the club, no one could deny it. Guys loved her sexbabes VR porn videos and kept coming for more., She was elated to be with them as well, it wasn’t just volunteering. Looking at all those abs and huge cocks with a real booner turned her on more than anything else in her life. She craved to be a part of some 4k VR porn debauchery. To be totally honest, she couldn’t think about anything else. Cocks, cocks and once again - cocks. We think that sums up her adventure with education perfectly.

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Still, eventually, she took up surfing. Her friends kept imploring her to do so - you know, watching this hottie in a bikini was an exquisite experience everyone dreamt about. They kept asking her, day and night (especially during the latter while having their well-deserved cum VR porn videos breaks) and she finally agreed. She has always been a feast for the eyes but now it was something from a completely different dimension. Looking at her naked body in water belongs to one of the most desirable activities one can engage in. You don’t need to be a connoisseur of art to appreciate her singular body. Speaking of art... Have you ever seen David by Michael Angelo? She’s its feminine version. Luckily, in nude VR porn videos, you will be confronted with a perfect opportunity for watching her assets for as long as you wish. So, hurry up and take advantage of that chance. If you don’t... Well, Avery Black would be sad, very unhappy... Don't make her feel that way. Benefit her company in a different way...


Avery Black - VR Porn Videos
Avery Black
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