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Allie Addison

Name: Allie Addison
Aka: Alli Addison
Dob: 2000-02-10
Height: 5'2" (or 157 cm)
Weight: 92 lbs (or 42 kg)
Measurements: 2000-02-10
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: White
Official site:
Sexual Orientation: Straight
City: Detroit
State: Michigan

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We are all obsessed with feet here, aren’t we? It’s so primal, so natural. It’s obvious that they are the best part of the human body. Sure, legs, asses, boobies - they are all fine, but only as a dessert. The main course in these femdom VR porn videos will be feet. They serve as a great way to relax for these of you who come back home after a tough day at work, dreaming only about getting a face massage with them. Isn’t that, after all, what every hard-working man on planet Earth deserve? Of course, it is. To tell you the truth, we’ve created Footsiebay precisely with that purpose in mind. We know you have been waiting for it for a long time. Now, thanks to virtual reality technology, your fantasies can finally materialize. Can you conceive of a better feeling?

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One might say this hottie was created by the god himself to star one day on Footsiebay. In the end, can you imagine that someone was born with an equally beautiful figure without a reason? It’s not a coincidence, we assure you. Just take a look at the feet of our lovely Allie. Come on, something of a similar beauty couldn’t have been created for no purpose. Today you can take delight in them by relishing each second you spend immersed in VR PAGW porn videos. Seldom will you find something so spectacular, so mind-blowing. As soon as your cock senses the presence of Allie Addison it will show you his gratefulness. And trust us - Allie can take care of him better than anyone else you’ve ever met. Even though she’s so young and (seemingly) innocent, her hands (not to mention the mouth) have seen more cocks than you could count. Trust her, she’s a professional.

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Being born in the United States of America destined a girl with such a body to her profession. In full honesty, it was inevitable. Can you imagine such a babe working in an office? Filling out papers and so on? Come on, it’s so unlikely. With a pair of boobies like hers her fate was unequivocal. Thus, her parents didn’t have any other choice but to accept it. Although, initially, they wanted her to become a lawyer (such a noble profession! - they said) as soon as they saw how she excelled at physical education, they quickly lost their hopes. Contrary to what some of you might think, she wasn’t so spectacular at it because of her ability to make somersaults or something like that. No, a” physical” education can have a completely different meaning. The majority of her classes were more like VR teen videos than real lessons. Still, the fact is that her skills were indisputable. All of her teachers wished her a bright future.

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What you are going to experience here won’t be a vicarious pleasure, hell no. You will almost feel the mouth of this girl pleasing your shaft, not to mention her outstanding feet on your face. To tell you the truth, that was the favourite part of the body of all the teachers who taught her. Oftentimes, they would take her for tete-a-tete meetings (especially after physical education classes, once the pheromones of Allie got particularly active) to teach her, as they used to say, „life”. No one had any doubt of what was happening there. Particularly, when our cute Allie Addison was distinguished with the title of Valedictorian. You should have heard the applause when they announced it!

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On the whole, her education was pretty successful. Even though her parents, at least at first, looked with a devil's eye at what their dear daughter was doing, they finally accepted it. It was a crucial moment for our lovely Ally Addison as the support from her parents gave her a great deal of courage. Once she got it, she decided to drop out of the university. Even though it was filled with horny guys who would fantasize about having with her some VR orgy porn scenario, she had to follow her priorities. Sure, university sounded fun, especially when we consider its mentioned element. Nonetheless, Allie Addison felt as if it was obtrusive to her. She looked at it as an obstacle, hindering her from reaching her goals at a very young age. So, she left.

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We know that the sight of Allie is for your cock like a red rag for the bull. It simply can’t help himself but keep wondering what great time they could spend together. Being accompanied by Allie in strip tease VR porn videos is an experience you will never be able to erase from your mind. This girl, even though she’s so young, understands profoundly how to tease you in such a way so that you could eventually get the best orgasm ever. Everything she does will lead up to that. Every moan, every sigh, every blink. They are all intended to make you as horny as possible. Still, it’s not that hard, right? Just looking for a second or two at the glamorous feet of Allie Addison is more than enough to make you feel that way. We’ve got good news for you. In homemade VR porn videos, you will be able to admire them for as long as you wish. Do we have a deal?


Allie Addison - VR Porn Videos
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Date: 14th Jul 2023
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